Public release 0.2

I’m happy to announce the version 0.2 of the Umbrella Linux.

Summary of Changes:

  • new “archiveworkstation” class, which works as workstation during the day, but maintains a set of system’s backups during the night.
  • secure all mysql server connections via SSL by default
  • network topology can now be defined via lan_topology.xml and the link/switch status will be automatically monitored with Nagios.
  • “localfsworkstation” class improvements for the completely offline use case.
  • configuration of trusted CAs registry via firewall.xml – a restricted set of trusted CAs, which exists in parallel with the well known CA list.
  • (incomplete) initial implementation of XMPP federation with trusted systems.
  • (incomplete) initial implementation of PBX (Asterisk) federation.
  • (incomplete) initial implementation of Invenio host in DMZ (all the dependencies are installed and configured, but Invenio itself needs to be installed automatically).
  • rewrote domain definitions in umbrella.xml, now Umbrella can be configured to host sub-domains and be a slave DNS server.
  • rewrote user’s skel (initial home directory contents) handling.
  • automatic maintenance of CRL for Umbrella-generated x509 certificates.
  • dynamic host configuration, based on their subnet.
  • rewrote physical/virtual/container detection groups.
  • install memtest86+ on physical machines.
  • more custom OSSEC rules to improve monitoring/reduce the level of OSSEC messages SPAM.
  • numerous bugfixes and enhancements of both the system and the installer.

See the installation instructions to try Umbrella Linux yourself.

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