Public release 0.3

I’m happy to announce the version 0.3 of the Umbrella Linux.

This is, probably, the last Ubuntu Xenial based release. The work is underway on extending the support to Ubuntu Bionic.

Summary of Changes:

  • made the installer work with updated LXD (after bionic release) from xenial-backports.
  • installer now works on top of freshly installed ubuntu-server (in addition to ubuntu-mini).
  • x2go_thinclient now uses Debian “stretch”.
  • enabled cross-domain encrypted XMPP between two Umbrella Linux systems if they trust each other’s root certificates.
  • DNS and DHCP configuration is now generated from LDAP by own script instead of argonaut.
  • removed DNS and DHCP configuration from LDAP and Fusion Directory, which greatly simplifies the host management.
  • implemented host locking in Fusion Directory, which excludes the host both from DNS and DHCP configurations.
  • new IP space review and address allocation script umbrella-hosts, installed on configuration server.
  • new workstation registration script umbrella-addworkstation, installed on configuration server.
  • switched to ulogd2 for firewall logging on router (this allows to see the firewall logs when router is an LXD container).
  • new “maintenance mode” of the installer, which allows to (re-)create missing LXD containers on already installed Umbrella Linux system according to umbrella.xml specification.
  • added optional backdoor server class, allowing remote itadmins to access the system in case the router is down.
  • added optional DMZvpn server class and roamingworkstation profile to allow roaming Umbrella Linux systems (should be registered in Fusion Directory with location set to “roaming”).
  • new umbrella-mkinstall script on configuration server for generating Umbrella Linux installers for specific roaming workstations (allowing to initialize them remotely with proper VPN keys from a fresh Ubuntu Desktop install).
  • more custom OSSEC rules to improve monitoring/reduce the level of OSSEC messages SPAM.
  • numerous bugfixes and enhancements of both the system and the installer.

Hotfix vesion 0.3.1 – Summary of Changes:

  • fix: failure in case no DNScache was specified.

See the installation instructions to try Umbrella Linux yourself.

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